21 Savage – ISSA

Debut album from popular known gangster rapper 21 savage from atlanta georgia.  He is best known for his mixtapes, The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King and his extended plays Free Guwop and Savage Mode with Metro Boomin. He rose to fame from his buzz on the internet and surprised people with his popularity and online growth even with no major company behind him. Even with no big comnpany backing him he was album to work with artistes such as Future, guccie mane, offset from the migo’s, lil yacht, playboi carti and drake. After years of saying F a major label he finally partnered up with epic records to release his debut album Issa.

The slang term “Issa,” popularized by 21 Savage — originated from being asked “What does the cross on your forehead signify?” and replying with “Issa knife” in a VladTV interview in 2016.

It quickly reached meme status and became everyday slang.

21 self-proclaimed that he created the most used new word with “Issa.”


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