Trendy Fashion : Rumpers – No or go?

a one piece jumpsuit for a men. Originally these were created as a young child’s one-piece outer garment


but someone created it for men and it has caught on the internet in the most hilarious and weird way.



Most see’s it as feminine but others seen it as a joke or stab at the latest male fashions thats been showcased by male entertainers lately. For example rapper young thug wearing a dress on his album cover or lil uzi vert some rather suspect looking clothing.

Despite the bad press it hasn’t stopped entertainers from wearing and showing off their rompers. Recently superstar quarter back cam newton for the Carolina Panthers was seen wearing a romper


You can also see some of the players fro the new york yankee’s sport their rompers with a little twist to it. 


 Whats do you think about this fashion trend? tell us in the poll if its a no or go for you or if you would wear them.


poll: would you wear rompers: yes , no, idk


do you see this trend catching on: Yes, no, maybe, already caught on.