Dresses in Hip-Hop; Is this a new trend?

Now, Weird as it sound, Rappers wearing dresses in Hiphop has been seen frequently in the last couple of years. From young thug, Diddy and more. What do you think of this new fashion choice? do you think its something that we are likely to see more in the years to come or is it just a fashion statement that fails horribly and that needs to be stop? check out some of the recent rappers wearing dresses or some other form of womens clothing and let us know what you think in the comments below.


New Rapper wearing a wedding dress and doing some other things…

Eminem and P.Diddy wearing skirts….. Not sure what to thing of this

Young Thug showing off his women’s wear.

Cee Lo Green in a women’s blouse…..

Kid Cudi

Lil B in some unusual piece while on ESPN’s Sportscenter.

Jaden Smith.

Mos Def…