Summer Jam Tokyo 2017

The legendary event “HOT 97 SUMMER JAM TOKYO” which made a huge impact on not just Japan but all of the Asian music scene last year, has announced their event for their second consecutive!
New York’s “HOT 97” the # 1 Hip Hop radio station has been holding New York’s biggest Hip Hop Festival, “HOT 97 SUMMER JAM” 24 years since 1994.
This festival features the performances by Grammy winner artists and top level artists, alongside the popular DJs from HOT 97.
Over 50,000 tickets are sold out every year by Hip Hop fans. 

Official HP

※ No Re-entering
* * Additional ¥ 500 for the drink ticket will be charged at entrance to the venue
* Attendees under the age of 18 will not be admitted.
※ Possible change in time for door / show time.
※ Attendees must must show valid photo ID to enter the event.
Attendees without valid photo ID will be denied admission without refund.
<Valid photo IDs are: Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security Card, Basic Resident Registration Card,
Disability Certificate, or Alien Registration Card>
* Attendees over the age of 20 will be given a wristband to prove their age.
This wristband allows the attendee to buy alcohol and enter the smoking area.
Attendees under the age of 20 are not allowed to buy any alcohol or enter the smoking area.
* Attendees in a wheelchair must to apply in advance by November 1st, 2017.
Please contact SUNRISE PROMOTION TOKYO <Tel: 0570-00-3337 / 10:00AM~6:00PM>